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Delivering a wide range of consulting services relating to aviation, human capital and management & operations for clients around the world.

Seabury Management & Operations practice offers clients advice on all aspects of management and operations from strategy and planning, revenue improvement, aircraft advisory, network and fleet planning, cargo and logistics, maintenance and repair, to cost reduction. Visit Seabury Aviation Consulting

SGI Aviation provides expertise relating to the ownership and management of commercial aircraft and engines, including overall lease management services and technical consultancy services, to airline operators, non-airline aircraft owners (banks and lessors) and aviation authorities around the world. Visit SGI Aviation

Seabury Human Capital focuses on helping our clients improve their business performance by developing human resources solutions aimed at managing, rewarding, and engaging talent and enhancing effectiveness. Visit Seabury Human Capital

Seabury Global Aerospace & Defense Consulting provides a product that has the knowledge of past successes and lessons learned from across the Aerospace industry. View Seabury Global Aerospace & Defense Consulting

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