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Seabury Human Capital practice leverages teams with a diverse skill-set to solve complex business issues across many industries and cultures. Our collaborative approach is aimed at managing, rewarding, and engaging talent and enhancing effectiveness.

Focusing on helping our clients improve their business performance by developing human resources solutions, Seabury Human Capital practice offers services in the following areas:

  • Total Compensation & Rewards
    A well-aligned reward system can help you attract and retain the top talent essential to achieving your strategic objectives.

  • Talent Strategy
    Having the right talent in the right roles to identify and implement strategic initiatives provides organizations the ability to navigate through change and achieve a competitive advantage.
  • Change Management, Culture and Communication
    Change Management is not a program or process, it is a part of any organizational transformation requiring linkage with the organizational culture and communication up, down, and across the spectrum.

  • Leadership Assessment, Coaching & Development
    Seabury Human Capital has extensive experience in building an effective leadership team through the assessment, coaching, development, and alignment of your top talent.

  • Workforce Insight & Analytics
    Seabury Workforce insight and analytics provides unique perspective and solutions to clients looking to better manage one of their important assets, their people.

  • Organizational Design, Restructuring & Transformation
    A thoughtfully designed organizational structure is much more than a chart with boxes and lines; it is driven by the business strategy, is aligned to processes, has clearly defined functional and individual responsibilities, drives accountability, and is agile enough to evolve with a continuously changing market.

  • M&A Due Diligence & Integration
    Corporate transactions can be a prospective path to accelerate a company’s value creation; getting an in-depth understanding of the organizational dynamics, in addition to its cost and productivity is a critical part of the foundation to a successful deal.

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