Comprehensive strategy review
and business plan development

Strategy and Planning

Comprehensive strategy review and business plan development for airline clients and their key stakeholders.

Using the unique experience of its expert team to evaluate strategic direction and produce business plans, Seabury helps airline clients achieve their full potential. The combination of Seabury’s Business Planning Group synthesizing network optimization and Seabury APG’s revenue forecast expertise provides the foundation for robust business plans enabling airlines and their stake holders to dramatically improve returns.

Seabury has successfully completed strategy review and business plan development/evaluation assignments for a wide range of airline clients, in a variety of challenging situations, including

  • A major North American carrier engaged in a substantial liquidity-raising effort
  • Multiple airlines in different geographies engaged in financial restructurings, both in-court and out-of-court
  • Multiple major European and other carriers evaluating potential merger partners
  • A major Indian airline evaluating plans for growth
  • Government-owned carriers being prepared for privatization

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Revenue Improvement

Grow your airline’s revenue share.

Increase revenue through improvements in pricing, revenue management and sales & distribution effectiveness is reliably one of the best contributors to an airline’s bottom line. Seabury helps its clients to harness world-leading commercial intelligence systems and processes in order to determine and achieve or exceed an airline’s fair revenue share. Through well planned and executed commercial improvement efforts airlines can generate revenue growth up to 4x capacity growth. 

Our services include:

  • Pricing and RM support:achieve 1-3% revenue improvement using the revenue forecasting expertise of Seabury APG, through a proven review of >100 aspects across people, processes and systems in the pricing and inventory management function.
  • Channel management and sales force effectiveness:capture higher value business by optimizing the mix of distribution channels and strengthening the sales organization.
  • Interline and code share review:identify and realize revenue opportunities from partnerships with other carriers.
  • Ancillary revenue: analyze what other market leaders do today and tap into opportunities ranging from better excess baggage fee collection to dynamic packaging.
  • Loyalty:understand the potential that lies within your frequent flyer program and unlock value by driving penetration and revenue per member.
  • Cargo: boost Cargo revenue through identification of yield and volume initiatives at major stations.

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Aircraft Advisory

Expert advisory services and hands-on analytical support.

Aircraft transactions are infrequent and complex, while carrying a disproportionate impact on airlines’ long-term success. Seabury’s role is to help client management teams have confidence that fleet decisions are best suited to their financial and strategic goals.

As the only advisory firm offering a blend of ex-senior executives of aircraft manufacturers and former top executives from large, well-regarded airlines and lessors, Seabury has advised on over US $100 billion of new or renegotiated aircraft orders, while delivering substantial net present value savings to customers. Our aircraft acquisition team is able to contribute immediately,bringing seasoned negotiation expertise from both the “buy side” and “sell side”

Seabury has led multiple recent competitions with Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier and all major engine manufacturers, including:

  • Avianca/TACA, Republic Airways, and Virgin America’s recent orders for over 160 A320neos worth $10 billion at list prices.
  • Cathay Pacific’s recently completed order for 30 A350s and 6 B777s worth over $10 billion at list prices.
  • United Airlines’ 2009 order of 25 B787s and 25 A350s worth over $15 billion at delivery prices.

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Network and Fleet Planning

Providing the highest level of planning expertise in the most critical areas facing the commercial aviation community.

Bringing a unique blend of consulting skills and advanced yet practical airline experience, Seabury helps its aviation clients to react quickly and accurately to changing industry conditions, and to implement the most effective strategies and tactics in a manner that is both measurable and sustainable.

  • With capabilities built on access to the key data and tools, Seabury offers planning assistance based on detailed, thoughtful and responsive analysis.
  • Key to these capabilities are the proprietary tools and data developed internally to support the firm’s consulting engagements.

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Cargo and Logistics

As the leading consulting firm in the transportation industry, Seabury is fully dedicated to the air, ocean and logistics sector.

Clients value Seabury’s innovative thinking and ability to support implementation. Seabury’s professionals have all held senior management positions within the transportation industry and cargo consultancies and have completed high-profile consulting assignments with airlines, ocean carriers, (air)ports, forwarders, integrators and handling companies. We have the ability to establish a local presence anywhere because of our knowledge of local markets and cultures through assignments with multiple business models and leading clients across the world. With the world’s most comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date demand and supply databases, Seabury is able to provide dta on developments and forecasts in air, express and ocean freight demand and capacity on a subscription basis or as part of consulting projects.

Spearheaded from its Amsterdam office, the Cargo Advisory team offers the following services :

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Performance Boosting
  • Market Intelligence
  • Cargo Databases

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Maintenance and Repair

Whether clients are considering fundamental changes to operations or more targeted improvements in costs, profitability, growth, cash extraction or operational performance, Seabury brings unsurpassed maintenance expertise, techniques and tools to ensure the desired results.

Seabury’s MRO practice provides a broad client base with unparalleled capabilities and world-class advisory services on all critical aircraft maintenance issues. Our unique team structure combines the experience of former MRO executives with top-tier consultants dedicated to the aviation and aerospace sectors. As a result, we use a comprehensive view of the business to work with management in solving the most difficult issues.

Our diverse team structure allows us to quickly understand and recommend improvements whether they are strategic, financial, commercial or operational. It is this knowledge of our clients and their business environment that has enabled us to contribute to a significant share of maintenance-related improvements during the past ten years.

Our specific strengths include:

  • A deep understanding of the MRO industry, coupled with extensive recent experience.
  • Significant experience and expertise in all aspects of the maintenance business – including strategy, commercialization, operational improvement, vendor management, supply chain optimization, maintenance planning and investor support.
  • A proven ability to drive significant financial benefits, ranging from labor and non-labor operational cost reduction to contract renegotiation to supply chain optimization to commercial strategies.
  • Proprietary analytical tools, databases and resources built and refined over a large number of engagements.
  • Hybrid teams of trained aviation-focused management consultants with experienced former MRO executives ensure that rigorous analytics are balanced with practical judgment to deliver real business solutions.

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Cost Reduction

Cost management is fundamental to success in the aviation industry.

Seabury has helped major and medium-sized airlines achieve dramatic cost reductions. We have worked with diverse clients worldwide to design and help implement comprehensive cost reduction programs as well as targeted efficiency improvements within specific functions. Our help driving labor and staff efficiencies has reduced expenses while improving service. We have helped clients make significant incremental savings in their procurement practices. . Our rigorous analytic capabilities, coupled with unparalleled industry knowledge, can help prepare airlines for diverse financial challenges and provide a competitive edge.

Our services include:

  • Cost & performance benchmarking:comparing client cost and efficiency to market best practice across all cost areas.
  • Opportunity identification:developing improvement initiatives and detailed planning alongside management teams.
  • Delivery assistance:getting the money in the bank by working jointly with client teams to realize savings.
  • Negotiation support:identifying unfavorable contract clauses and most leveraged negotiation points, developing negotiation strategy and modeling negotiation outcomes.

Seabury is a recognized leader in optimizing costs across the entire spectrum of airline cost areas, including fuel; maintenance; aircraft ownership; pilots and cabin crew; ground handling; catering; procurement and supply chain; airport and navigation charges; product, marketing and loyalty; sales & distribution; and overhead.

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