A proven track record of building
revenue strategies for airlines

Offering a proven track record of building and refining sustainable airline revenue models that underpin successful strategies.

With our unique blend of experienced airline planning professionals, relevant data and proprietary state of the art analytical tools, Seabury delivers real-world solutions for airlines worldwide. We bring experience gathered from engagements conducted in virtually every part of the world over the last 15 years. Coupled with our extensive knowledge of the large complex deregulated U.S. market, Seabury is recognized as a global leader in advanced network and revenue analysis.

  • Quick delivery of usable solutions allows Seabury to identify key issues and provide the best solutions by using the right data, tools and techniques.
  • Close relationships with client staff to transfer our knowledge and experience make it possible for Seabury to continue to deliver value long after the project is complete.
  • The Seabury team’s broad aviation industry experience and deep understanding of aviation issues translates into immediate added value with little or no spool-up time required. All of our professionals have held key management positions at leading airlines.
  • Access to our industry leading proprietary tools and technology produces accurate answers in tight timeframes.
Network Planning Tools

Developing effective network strategies for airlines worldwide, including completely new networks or optimization of existing networks.

Defining or refining a carriers’ network strategy forms the basis for many other key strategic decisions including fleet planning, mergers/acquisitions, restructuring and strategic partnership evaluations such as global alliance membership. Seabury’s in-depth understanding of market dynamics, competitive position, underlying market sizes and traffic flows, coupled with our proprietary network planning tools, allows us to deliver immediate short-term and longer-term revenue improvements as well as comprehensive multi-year revenue forecasts.

Sophisticated proprietary planning tools allow the Seabury team to rapidly define optimum network solutions and key decision support criteria. Typical network planning activities include:

  • Design and optimization of a carrier’s network structure
  • Identifying and forecasting new market opportunities
  • Number, size, and directionality of connecting banks within hubs
  • Frequency of service in key segments
  • Impact of leakage and secondary city capacity
  • Assessment of codeshares and global alliance membership
Fleet Optimization Tools

Assessing the potential implications of various fleet strategies while optimizing the composition of utilization of a carrier’s fleet.

With a proven track record of building and refining sustainable airline revenue models that underpin successful strategies, Seabury understands the complex interactions between network and fleet planning allowing us to drive the optimum fleet solutions to maximize an airlines’ economic performance.

Using our proprietary fleet optimizations tools to quickly assess the potential implications of various fleet strategies such as the introduction of new and /or replacement aircraft types, Seabury is uniquely qualified to assist with all aspects of Fleet Planning, including:

  • Quantifying short-term benefits of reassigning a carrier’s fleet
  • Deploying the right size aircraft on specific routes/segments
  • Appropriate utilization given specific aircraft operating costs
  • Value of dropping worse aircraft
  • Assessment of optimal fleet composition
  • Analysis of break-even replacement economics
  • Fleet purchase support

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