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Because we know there is nothing more frustrating for a client than to have to “teach the airline business” to an external consultant, we have built a number of highly specialized practices, and more importantly, each of these specialist practices is headed by and primarily staffed with former senior airline executives.  General strategy consulting firms lack the relevant experience, analytical tools and data to hit the ground running. Seabury’s strength lies in our team’s broad aviation industry experience and deep understanding of aviation issues that translates into being able to immediately add value with little or no learning curve.

We recognize that helping a business to overcome its challenges requires far more than repeating canned solutions and “success stories” from past projects. Each client’s situation is uniquely different and we have found that year-after-year the industry continues to become more competitive, making each strategic planning process more challenging. That is why our team of consultants works hand in hand with our clients and our specialists to ensure that the larger strategic questions are answered, that projects run smoothly, and that materials and deliverables are created based on the highest of professional standards.

We deliver significant value through a combination of industry expertise, analytical techniques, data and proven tools. Airline strategic and operational business improvement activities require significant and specialized analysis of the data at hand. Recognizing that Excel is not the best tool for much of this analysis, each of our specialist practices has built proprietary software tools and databases to assist our clients’ management teams understand their strategic situations, tactical contexts and to aid in the decision making processes. We are skilled at working with our clients to blend their confidential data with our external data to create a consensus for business improvement activities.

We work every day to try to fulfill our singular mission: helping our clients be successful. We truly believe that this integrated approach to business improvement advice is unique and our clients tell us it provides the best solution for their business challenges.

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