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During Times of Organizational Change

Insights in Seabury Human Capital’s “State of the Industry” Analysis Reveal How Airlines Deal with the Challenges, Process and Importance of Properly Managing Talent During Periods of Change

FALL 2016

Assessing and managing talent should be a continuous and integral part of managing an organization. Often it is forgotten until an external shock triggers the process. Companies employ talent assessment and talent management tools to attract and retain talented individuals who understand and support the organization’s mission. Large-scale organizational change can provide the impetus to launch the assessment process and talent management initiatives. However, unless implemented properly, especially during periods of change, the post-change organization may be at risk. Organizational change can take on different forms: a change in leadership or ownership; implementation of significant expansion (or reduction) plans; preparing the organization to go public; or other M&A activity. Regardless of what form it takes, organizational change impacts employees and their ability to fulfill the company’s mission.

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Organizational change, total Talent Management and optimization for your most important asset – your people.

Seabury Human Capital is focused on helping our clients improve their business performance by developing human resources solutions.  Our approach is a collaborative process aimed at managing, rewarding, and engaging talent and enhancing effectiveness. We provide customized solutions to global clients in a manner that drives business results that are internally scalable.

There is an important difference between consulting as experts and consulting with expertise. Ultimately, our involvement spans the employee and organizational lifecycle, leveraging a team with a diverse skill-set to solve complex business issues extending across many industries and cultures.

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Our Expertise
Total Compensation & Rewards

Compensation can be a powerful means through which an organization attracts and retains top talent and drives the desired behaviors and outcomes that enhance organization performance.

When used strategically, compensation is no longer just a cost of doing business but can be a powerful tool for influencing the productivity and growth of your organization, as well as creating a sustained competitive advantage.  To produce the desired outcomes, however, compensation and rewards programs must be designed properly and successfully executed so as to not result in unintended consequences and negative outcomes that destroy value.  Strategic compensation can represent a significant organizational risk if managed and executed improperly.  Seabury Human Capital helps clients ensure their compensation programs are externally competitive, aligned with their short- and long-term company goals, and successfully implemented and communicated.

Seabury Human Capital has extensive experience supporting, designing and implementing:

  • Custom Executive Compensation Benchmarking and Plan Design
  • Global Compensation Market Analysis and Salary Structure Design
  • Cash and Equity-based Long-Term Incentives
  • Board of Director Compensation
  • Short-term Incentives and Sales Compensation
  • Acquisition Due Diligence / Integration Support
  • Custom Salary and Benefits Surveys
  • IPO Planning
  • Employment / Severance / Change-in-Control Agreements

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Talent Strategy, Acquisition & Performance Management

Having the right talent in the right roles to identify and implement strategic initiatives provides organizations the ability to navigate through change and achieve a competitive advantage.

Successful organizations, both public and private, are recognizing that the employee assessment and selection process must be viewed as part of a larger, inter-connected talent management strategy; a strategy where emphasis is not only on attracting, assessing, and hiring top talent, but also on developing and retaining excellent employees. Seabury Human Capital helps clients build practical, sustainable approaches to talent management, by taking a holistic approach to the entire HR life-cycle including recruiting, assessment, hiring, on-boarding, training / development, performance management and succession planning. Our customized solutions will help your organization navigate through ever changing business environments.

Sample offerings:

  • Recruitment process audit and design including process evaluation and on-boarding program design
  • Targeted selection support for key management and executive roles
  • Talent management philosophy and structure audit and design including policies, processes and systems across training and performance management
  • Targeted training and skill development including leadership development and coaching
  • Talent Assessment process resulting in specific and actionable succession plans

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Change Management, Culture and Communication

Change Management is not a program or process, it is a part of any organizational transformation requiring linkage with the organizational culture and communication up, down, and across the spectrum.

Organizations in transformation, big or small, must recognize that any change will impact the organization’s culture and must be strategically communicated. When initiatives fail, the culprit is often a lack of good communication from management – but communication is not just about what management says, it’s also about how employees listen. To achieve the desired results from change, thoughtful planning is critical. Our unique, tailored approaches to organizational transformation and culture change focus on complete feedback loops, learning how employees and external constituents like to share and receive information, understanding any cultural norms that impact communication styles, and designing wide reaching communication plans tailored to your specific needs and business culture.

Examples of support areas we provide to our clients:

  • Work closely with communication departments in planning their messaging, content and vehicle to the workforce through a difficult and rapid transformation
  • Hands-on support to labor relations in creating a company-wide urgency for change prior to union negotiations
  • Support management with translating the company’s generic vision and business strategy into concrete and tailored motivators for different functions and individuals lose communication about messaging, content and vehicle to the workforce through a difficult and rapid transformation
  • Hands-on support to labor relations in creating a company-wide urgency for change prior to union negotiations
  • Help management translate the company’s generic vision and business strategy into concrete and appropriate motivators for different functions and individuals

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Leadership Development & Coaching

Successful businesses are driven by successful leaders

Organizations that take leadership development seriously outperform the competition. Building your organization’s leadership capability is a significant differentiator for your future success. Every organization is unique; effective leadership programs begin with an identification of the capabilities required for an organization to be successful in the future and an assessment of current leaders against these capabilities. Seabury Human Capital then partners with clients to design customized team and individual development programs to meet future leadership needs.

Seabury Human Capital has extensive experience supporting, designing, and executing the following key initiatives:

  • Delivery of management skills training
  • Team / group facilitation and team building
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Design and delivery of custom leadership training curriculum for all levels of leadership
  • Targeted executive coaching / support
  • M&A due diligence – assessment of talent and culture compatibility

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Workforce Insight & Analytics

Understanding your people in motion.

Competitive advantages are achieved through the use of analytics to gain transparency of staff cost and productivity, benchmark workforce metrics against industry best-practice, and understand solutions to optimize staff planning.  All lead to cost savings and improved efficiencies of the organization’s most important asset – their people.

The success of an organization is dependent on optimizing people resources. Deeper insight and transparency of the workforce is essential to finding solutions that drive organizational growth, performance standards, cost management, and efficiencies that are aligned with the organization’s strategy. To accomplish this, it is imperative to consider human factors as well as the collective bargaining negotiation strategy to successfully implement workforce initiatives.

At Seabury Human Capital, our strength lies in our people, real world practitioners with years of experience, who can provide strategic thinking along with practical tactical recommendations. Our approach is to closely partner with you to develop solutions that balance workforce management with human factors.

Examples of support areas we provide to our clients:

  • Process and systems audit to ensure alignment of both strategic and tactical goals
  • Assessment of technical skills of the workforce management team
  • Review of crew value chain including review of systems and user defined inputs / rule sets to meet operational and contractual objectives
  • Labor negotiation support, including the valuation of “asks” and “gives”
  • Detailed labor cost analysis to achieve maximum transparency
  • Labor benchmarking studies, customized manpower planning and labor cost (forecasting) models

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Organizational Design, Restructuring & Transformation

A thoughtfully designed organizational structure is much more than a chart with boxes and lines; it is driven by the business strategy, is aligned to processes, has clearly defined functional and individual responsibilities, drives accountability, and is agile enough to evolve with a continuously changing market.

The most successful organizations continually ensure that the organizational structure is aligned with its strategy. Companies evolve through the various phases of the business life cycle, from control and survival mode, to a focus on improved profitability, to periods of growth, recognizing where a company has a fundamental impact on organizational design requirements and subsequent effectiveness. Whether it is a “greenfield” organizational design or optimizing and managing the transformation of the existing organization, we support a wide array of clients by aligning their people to the business strategy leveraging our deep industry and functional expertise.

Examples of support areas we provide to our clients:

  • Unconstrained “greenfield” design of NewCo or future state organizational structure
  • Optimizing organizational effectiveness within the constraints of an existing structure
  • Transformation planning from the current structure to the future-state structure
  • Evaluation of shared service model, outsourcing or spin-off of core vs. non-core functions
  • Decision making around balancing centralization vs. de-centralization

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M&A Due Diligence & Integration

Corporate transactions can be a prospective path to accelerate a company’s value creation; getting an in-depth understanding of the organizational dynamics, in addition to its cost and productivity is a critical part of the foundation to a successful deal.

We believe a thorough valuation of labor and organizational structure is a cornerstone as labor costs and the “human factor” become an increasingly large percentage of costs and factor to M&A and integration success. At Seabury, leveraging today’s environment of large data rooms, evaluate people-related costs, risks, challenges, and the potential future labor opportunities starting with due diligence. Through the M&A process, we assist in assessing the validity of the deal in more detail, determine the cultural fit, forecast future labor costs and efficiently project manage the transaction which encompasses all aspects of human capital shown below.

  • Workforce Insight & Analytics
  • Total Compensation & Rewards
  • Talent Strategy, Acquisition & Performance Management
    • Leadership alignment and strategy
  • Organizational Design, Restructuring & Transformation
  • Change Management, Culture, and Communication

Jointly, we assist key stakeholders (owners, acquirers, senior managers, etc.) in implementing the transition flawlessly to minimize any interruptions to the business. Our proven track record with various transportation and private equity firms have refined our ability to properly manage complex transactions in demanding timeframes.

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State of the Industry Analysis

Fall 2016 – Talent Assessment and Talent Management During Times of Organizational Change

Insights in Seabury Human Capital’s “State of the Industry” Analysis Reveal How Airlines Deal with the Challenges, Process and Importance of Properly Managing Talent During Periods of Change download

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